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During our honeymoon, we took an off-road trip through Iceland, driving in a Lada and sleeping in our tent. We had such a great time that we began dreaming of a long trip. First of all, however, we had to finish our studies, and then there was a very attractive job offer in the Swiss Berner Oberland, soon followed by two children. Our stereotypical row-house life in the mountains was not so bad at all, and we really enjoyed Oberhasli, until we realized that a work-related change was coming up. It dawned on us that this was the perfect moment to pick up our old dream and make it reality. That was in the late summer of 2012, and by April 2013, we had “taken down our tents”. Since June, we have been on the road with our Bremach, first driving from east to west through the USA and then heading as far south as we can get in the 15 months planned for the trip. The route along the Panamericana seemed to be an ideal goal, with its easy starts in North America and the attractive countries along the way.

RoCaTaMa, that’s us: Robert, Carla, Tanja and Max:

Max-1-2Max completed his studies in mechanical engineering and then optimized water turbines and directed projects as an engineer in the Swiss Berner Oberland. He enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking – actually any kind of sport in the mountains. Besides that, he likes capturing the landscape in his camera. He has recently become interested in expedition vehicles, in particular the Bremach technology.

TanjaTanja studied geophysics and then worked at the university until her full-time job as a mother began. Since she is half-American and grew up bilingually, she is passing this tradition on to their children. A nature-enthusiast, she joins Max in his sports activities whenever the children allow her to do so. She has recently become especially active as expedition vehicle operator and on-board entertainer.

Carla-1-2Carla was born in 2010 and already has a lots of travel experience – before her birth, she visited Morocco, North America several times, and, of course, lots of Europe. Most of all, she would like to experience or at least eat something new every day, so this trip is especially great fun for her. Since she speaks English and German fluently, she challenges Mommy and Papa doubly with all her “why” questions.

Robert vorm Rad

Robert was born in 2012 and loves to make his own discoveries about the world around him. He runs all over, climbs up the highest stones, and jumps into the deepest water. Every day of our trip presents him with a new adventure playground. His vocabulary in English and German grows from day to day, and, who knows, maybe he will even be speaking Spanish in a year from now.


5 Thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi RoCaTaMa!

    We’re sorry that it looks like we won’t be able to meet up with you again in N. America (as we are still in Mexico). Hope that all goes well for you in S. America and we still hope to meet up with you again at some point!

    Buen viaje!

    -Witt, Jen, & Quinn

  2. Hola mi hermano,
    Como estas?
    Todavia tres semanas asta Mexico!
    Espero tis aprendir espagnol va bien yi es mejor como mi espagnol ;-)!
    Ein alter spanischer Freund von mir ist unter anderem vor gut einem Jahr von Amerika nach Kolumbien mit dem Rad gefahren. Er hat eine Website auf spanisch. Dort könnt ihr vllt. noch einige Infos finden zu eurer Reiseroute. Website ist wie folgt:


    Con muchos saludos!
    Un buen viaje


  3. Gladys Souza on Sunday August 11th, 2013 at 01:32 PM said:

    My husband I spot you today in Reno Nevada August 11th 2013 at a grocery store.
    I got curios and attract to your guy vehicle, since it kind of unusual to see a European vehicle like yours.
    I have to look in the internet the web site you have written on the side of your vehicle, well here I am reading about your family amazing journey . That is awesome ! such an amazing trip with the whole family…… well i wish you a safe journey wherever you go.
    Let my tell you Nevada had some amazing sites and hidden treasures, it is high elevation desert, but has its own beauty . Again I wish you the best and I hope you kids keep in their memory of such amazing experience..
    Best Regards
    Gladys Souza.

  4. Hello!
    It was nice to meet you today! In Vancouver, there are a few bike shops near W.Georgia St. and Denman St. -Stanley Park Bikes and Spokes. You can rent a bike from these places and go around the Stanley Park seawall. It is a nice bike path all around the outside of the park.
    I also mentioned Gastown. It is a little touristy, but old buildings and nice to see. Granville Island would also be nice to visit and there are some things for kids there too.
    Ask for directions for Gastown, Stanley Park and Granville Island and anybody from Vancouver can tell you the way.
    Stanley Park –you will drive through this driving down from Squamish, after Lion’s Gate Bridge driving into downtown Vancouver. Gastown and Granville Island –both are on opposite sides of downtown, but you drive through the city to get to these.
    Have a fun trip!

  5. Esther und Timo on Monday July 15th, 2013 at 02:21 PM said:

    Hi ihr Weltenbummler,
    Erstmal noch herzlichen Glückwunsch. Ich bin mir jetzt mit der Zeitverschiebung nicht sicher, aber so ungefähr sollte es passen. Wir wünschen Euch jedenfalls alles Gute und lasst was von Euch hören und lesen.
    Grüsse Esther und Timo aus (mittlerweile) Saarbrücken…

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