Private pictures from our time in Panama

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The Trip to Panama

“The Trip to Panama” (in German: “Oh how beautiful Panama is”) Who knows how many travel blogs have used the title of this popular children’s book by Janosch, but, before we get to Panama, here are some photos of our last few days in Costa Read More

On board

Our families and friends gave us many useful presents for our trip. Many things that we had been given on other occasions, however, are aboard, too. Here is a picture gallery that contains exclusively big and little things that had NOT been intended for this Read More

Back and Forth through Costa Rica

As promised, here we are with our next report, this time from the Caribbean coast. We chose the long way to get here and traveled from the southern part of the Pacific coast northwards again through the inland. From sea level, we drove up steep Read More

Nicoya Peninsula

We had only barely arrived in Costa when we already found ourselves in the rain forest – high trees, birds chirping, and short, but heavy rain showers gave rise to the feeling of being right in the middle of the jungle. Since we had made Read More


Our first night in Nicaragua was accompanied by the loud crowing of roosters until the early morning hours, which we were well familiar with from our time in El Salvador. Shortly after breakfast, a friend of the bar owner’s where we had spent the night Read More

One day, two borders, three countries

One day, two borders, three countries Completely relaxed, we left the wonderful, sandy Salvadorian beach early in the morning and drove southwards along the Carretera Interamericana for the first time. We weren’t attracted to Honduras, but we weren’t able to avoid it on our way Read More

Sun, sand and more

On the beach of Zonte in El Salvador, we were finally able to really relax, tank up on sun, and forget the rainy weeks in Belize and Guatemala. We found an excellent spot with two pools, a roof terrace, hammocks all over, and a tame Read More

Welcome to El Salvador

The border crossing between Guatemala and El Salvador turned out to be surprisingly easy. We had chosen the small border crossing of Angiatu, which is off the beaten track of the large main routes and thus rather quiet. There was no long line, no stress, Read More

Rio Dulce

Our location at “Bruno’s“ in Rio Dulce turned out to be an excellent one. Rio Dulce is considered the safest harbor in the Caribbean, and some boaters and sailors always met at the bar. Gradually, more “over-landers” also arrived, and we were able to exchange Read More