Laguna Bacalar

We had great hopes for our stay at Laguna Bacalar, a fresh water lake with Caribbean-colored water, palms, and long piers, with white sand and camping directly next to the water. Instead, we had an unpleasantly wet surprise: brown-green water, muddy meadows, and flooded piers and beaches. Since the end of the rainy season, it has been raining – for weeks now the water in the lake has been too high. While we were sitting in the internet café making plans (and Robert was taking a shower under the rain gutter), a pick-up stopped, and the driver (who had recognized us as Germans) told us that there was a German couple running an eco-hotel nearby. We drove to their Ecotucan and met Jaqueline and Gunnar, who had made a stop here and ended their Panamericana trip here temporarily after a mechanical breakdown seven years previously. Together with Arturo, who owns the whole complex, they run the entire business with ten lovingly furnished palapas, a big restaurant, and a beautiful swimming pier at the lake. At least the water wasn’t cold, so we could still go swimming. They allowed us to spend the night in our Bremach in the parking lot, and we enjoyed our last evening in Mexico eating German Kässpätzle (homemade cheese spaetzle) together with them. On the morning of our departure, the sun even peeked out from behind the clouds, the rainfall took a break, and we could imagine how great it would have been if the weather had been good. After a small tour through some shops in Chetumal, we enjoyed Mexican tacos and burritos one last time and, with a big of nostalgia, drove over our last topes into Belize. After three and a half months, Mexico had won a place in our hearts; the people, the food, and nature there were a great experience. Viva Mexico!

And here are some private pictures.

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