Capital cities and gigantic steaks

Our last days in South America were a good preparation for getting us into the mood for our return to Europe. Wide, green fields with trees here and there and the changeable spring weather brought back images of home. Even shopping in Uruguayan supermarkets, their layout as well as their products, reminded us very much of Europe. We could even have bought imported wheat beer from Bavaria, but we will be getting it fresh very soon. Uruguay is very European, which makes it a good country for us to end our trip with. We visited the old pirate nest of Colonia, which has its own very special charm with well-restored old buildings and narrow lanes. The villages along the coast of Rio de la Plata are quite enchanting, with their own individual, sometimes a bit morbid style. Somehow, time seems to have stood still here, and even the people have the same very soothing effect as their cups of mate tea.

At the nice campsite of the Swiss ex-patriots Silvia and Heinz, we once again fully enjoyed delicious barbecued beef (luckily, there was a big covered barbecue grill – at the last minute, our gas supply ran out and it began raining cats and dogs). We took advantage of the time here to clear out our Bremach. It is amazing how many things we managed to collect that we didn’t even need – and that in the limited space of our vehicle! At the end of our time in the Bremach, the weather became really beautiful, and we had another great camping place on a promontory before Montevideo, with great sunrises and sunsets and a fantastic view of the waterside promenade. In Montevideo, there is an old market which now is completely made up of grill restaurants and which we visited twice. The second time there, we were treated as old friends and a picture of us with the owners and servers in front of the barbecue had to be taken. Of course, the food (beef, what else!) was great and plentiful, with a few small side dishes.

Happily full after so much meat, we turned over our Bremach to the shipping agency at the harbor in Montevideo, a surprisingly uncomplicated process. I was even allowed onto the big freighter with our Bremach, which was a very special experience. You usually only see these ocean giants from the distance. Now, without any vehicle, a different form of traveling began for us, and we planned for a very pleasant stay, first in a nice hotel in Montevideo and then, by bus and fast boat, to Buenos Aires, across the allegedly largest sweet water delta in the world. Except for brown water, there was, however, very little to see on this short, direct way from Colonia to Buenos Aires.

We enjoyed our last days in Argentina to the full – in a room with a view over the city, a pool on the hotel roof and at least one delicious, gigantic Argentinean steak every day. On the side, we took advantage of the favorable peso course to replace our worn-out clothing and tour a bit around this enormous city. There is so much to see and do in Buenos Aires that our four days there were much too short, so we mostly spent our time just enjoying the special flair of the city and then left for the airport and the long stretch back to Germany. Hasta luego América, welcome back in Europe!

Here are our privat pictures taken in Urugay and here are those from Buenos Aires.

One Thought on “Capital cities and gigantic steaks

  1. Grüß Euch, herzlichen Dank für den tollen, sehr informativen Blog.

    Ich habe eine Frage an Euch, wie war die Einreise mit dem WoMO nach Uruguay, wurdet ihr gründlich kontrolliert oder ist das einfach. Wurden die Gegenstände im WoMO genau untersucht.

    Herzlichen Dank für Eure Antwort


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