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Shipping Montevideo (Uruguay) – Bremerhaven (Germany) with EUKOR

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A Year on the Road – a special anniversary

Today marks one year on the road in our Bremach, and, with perfect timing, it gave us a very “special present”: damage in the bearing in the rear axle differential, which we fortunately noticed in time. So we are now sitting in a big repair Read More

Shipping our vehicle from Panama to Columbia

We shipped our vehicle per RoRo from Colon (Puerto de Manzanillo) to Cartagena using the SC-Line shipping company. We didn’t use any help from agents, and all the following descriptions are based on our experiences in doing it by ourselves, so we don’t know if Read More

Private pictures from our time in Panama

… can be found here. Please send us an email if you would like to have the password.

On board

Our families and friends gave us many useful presents for our trip. Many things that we had been given on other occasions, however, are aboard, too. Here is a picture gallery that contains exclusively big and little things that had NOT been intended for this Read More

One day, two borders, three countries

One day, two borders, three countries Completely relaxed, we left the wonderful, sandy Salvadorian beach early in the morning and drove southwards along the Carretera Interamericana for the first time. We weren’t attracted to Honduras, but we weren’t able to avoid it on our way Read More

Experiences in Baja

Baja Erfahrungen-4

Beforehand, we had heard so much about Mexico: mostlywarnings from the U.S. Americans and highest praise from lots of other travelers. We were curious about what was awaiting us there. In the beginning, we were very reserved, but our shyness disappeared after a few days. Everyone is very friendly, helpful, interested, and Read More

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Experiences, part 2

Everywhere we go – whether it is shopping, getting gas, camping – people come up to us and want to know more about our vehicle and our trip. The top questions are how high its mileage is and why we need an off-road vehicle such Read More

First experiences

We have all adjusted well to life in the Bremach and realize that there are three scenarios: driving, day-to-day living, and sleeping. For each one, the vehicle has to be set up differently, and we are getting more and more used to the routine with Read More