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A unique time!

Alle Länder, die wir mit dem Bremach besucht haben

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Chile and Argentina

On our first day in Chile, we treated ourselves to three urgent needs: showers, laundry service and the internet. The last travel highlight we had in mind was the Altiplano, so, upon arrival in Chile, we booked the return ship for our Bremach for mid-September Read More

From Cusco to the Lake Titicaca

Our days in Cusco flew by –so far, we have never spent so much time in one place on our trip,. With Germany in the World Cup finals and Max’s birthday the next day, it was great to have some pleasant, well-needed days to get Read More

Traveling in Peru

We are having lots of fun traveling in Peru! First of all, the landscape is extremely diversified, and, as mountain-lovers, we are fascinated by the high peaks. And then, there are the Peruvians, who are incredibly friendly, lively, and colorful. And since the rainy season Read More

Rainy Season in Ecuador

After the loud night next to the fair in Riobamba, to the delight of the children, we ended up next to some carnival rides again the very next night, this time in Baños. This village is known for its hot springs, which we visited, of Read More

Probably the Best Coffee in the World

In Salento, in the heart of the coffee zone, we relaxed for several days and recovered from the experiences of the last few weeks. It was a good time to sit out a few days of rain, and then we didn’t really want to drive Read More

Off we go!

After the relaxing days in San Gil, we set off for Villa de Leyva, reputed to be a village especially well worth seeing, with its little white cottages. It was actually lovely, but with a bit too much tourism for our taste. We did stay Read More

Adios Atlantico, hola montañas!

Due to the shipment time of the Bremach, we had a few days to take a look around in the old town of Cartagena: beautifully renovated old buildings, lots of plants in bloom, large city walls along the sea that can be walked on, and Read More

Private pictures from our time in Panama

… can be found here. Please send us an email if you would like to have the password.

On board

Our families and friends gave us many useful presents for our trip. Many things that we had been given on other occasions, however, are aboard, too. Here is a picture gallery that contains exclusively big and little things that had NOT been intended for this Read More