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Shipping Montevideo (Uruguay) – Bremerhaven (Germany) with EUKOR

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Capital cities and gigantic steaks

Our last days in South America were a good preparation for getting us into the mood for our return to Europe. Wide, green fields with trees here and there and the changeable spring weather brought back images of home. Even shopping in Uruguayan supermarkets, their Read More


Even during our last few minutes in Peru, we had better and better views of Lake Titicaca, and we had barely arrived in Bolivia when the lake actually appeared as it is described: the Andean Sea – an endlessly broad expanse of water, with either Read More

From the Dunes to the Incas

After our differential had been repaired, we left Huancayo and headed up into the high mountains again. For the second time, we drove across the main ridge of the Andes, this time via a 16,000-foot-high (5000m) pass and across a magnificent plateau full of deep-blue Read More

A Year on the Road – a special anniversary

Today marks one year on the road in our Bremach, and, with perfect timing, it gave us a very “special present”: damage in the bearing in the rear axle differential, which we fortunately noticed in time. So we are now sitting in a big repair Read More

Cordillera Huayhuash

Even before leaving the Cordillera Blanca, we could see the shining, steep peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash (pronounced: why wash). The wild, jagged peaks soared up towards the sky, and a condor circled majestically above them – a good omen for the adventures awaiting us. Read More

Cordillera Blanca

From Cajamarca, we followed the little-traveled route through the highlands southwards along the increasingly higher mountain ranges. Some nice villages and their friendly inhabitants made the drive a pleasure. Tanja’s sister Natalie met up with us again In Huamachuco, and we headed off through the Read More

Rough and Almost Impassable Northern Peru

Full of prejudices, we crossed the border – expecting rubbish, petty crime, and unfriendly people from reports we had heard. But, lo and behold, like a wonder, none of this appeared. Even the customs official suffering under the unreliable intranet with us was very friendly Read More

Around the Equator in Ecuador

Right after the border between Columbia and Ecuador, we left the Panamericana to drive along a secluded track through the Paramo, an area of high tropical vegetation in the northern Andes. Near the  nature reserve “El Angel“, there is extensive, dense growth of frailejones, unique Read More

The southern part of Columbia

Invigorated by all the coffee, we drove one long day towards the Tatacoa Desert. Due to the lack of a bridge and stern reminders at the tollgate not to drive at night in this area, we ended up spending the night on the parking lot Read More