Sun, sand and more

On the beach of Zonte in El Salvador, we were finally able to really relax, tank up on sun, and forget the rainy weeks in Belize and Guatemala. We found an excellent spot with two pools, a roof terrace, hammocks all over, and a tame iguana named Paco, which let itself be stroked. The children spent all day every day in the water and even had two Swiss playmates since Marina and Marco were also there with their two sons (and it was thanks to them that we even ended up at this beautiful place). So we were able greet the New Year along with six fellow travelers. We cooked spätzle and schnitzel for our Canadian friends one evening, preparing dinner directly on the beach in the lovely evening sunshine with a view of the surf.

Vehicles playing loud music drove by every day to sell all sorts of goods. If you didn’t understand the loudspeaker, you had to go out to the street to check on whether they were peddling fruit and vegetables or ice cream or even cell phones – a terrific service which saved us the way to the store.

After a week, we had rested sufficiently to want to see more of the country. We passed closely by the volcano of San Miguel, which had erupted and spat out ash a few days before and was still fuming slightly. It the evening, we ended up at another beach paradise further south, Playa El Cuco, where we stayed for another three nights. There is an endlessly long sandy beach with a vastness we hadn’t seen in a long while. What’s more, we got the kitschiest, most romantic sunset imaginable right on the first evening. We were able to buy fresh fish directly from the fishing boat, and, a little later, a pick-up truck drove over to us with gigantic scampi as his “offer of the day”, which led to another abundant banquet with the others. The next day, Lloyd, Freeman, and Max were finally able to put their plan to go fishing together into action and caught delicious fish for us. Max caught the first fish of the day, a little tuna. Every morning and evening, a bike rider rode by honking his horn and selling fresh bakery goods. If only our nightly rest hadn’t been disturbed by all the roosters in the surroundings which had to communicate with one another in the middle of the night!

In the two weeks we spend in El Salvador, we didn’t get to see too much of the country and its people since we spent most of our time enjoying the best beaches of our trip so far – warm water, great surf, few mosquitoes, and nighttime cooling off. The smallest country in Central America surprised us with its high standard of living, and the people we met were friendly and relaxed. We could easily have spent another week here, but the first half of our travel time has come to an end, and we still want to see so much more. Off we go now to Honduras and Nicaragua!

Here you can have a look at some of our private pictures.

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  1. Die gute alte Tupper Spätzle-Reibe :)

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