Experiences, part 2

Everywhere we go – whether it is shopping, getting gas, camping – people come up to us and want to know more about our vehicle and our trip. The top questions are how high its mileage is and why we need an off-road vehicle such as this one. Our Bremach has even been compared to a money truck and a tank! Everyone agrees, however, that our expedition vehicle is extremely ‘cool/neat/awesome’ :-) We, in return, are amazed at the campers that Americans drive around. They are as big as busses and, more often than not, a normal car is hooked to the back. When a mobile home such as this is made ready for camping, you can even extend the sides to add additional width to the inside. For us it is hard to believe that these enormous vehicles do not even require a special drivers licence.

Every second or third day we go food shopping and it always takes us ages. On the one hand, the stores are so big and the children always go crazy with excitement and, on the other hand, we try to buy healthy food and therefore study the ingredients. So many products are made with high fructose corn syrup and it even is almost impossible to find bread that does not have sugar in it. We are happy that we are making our own sandwiches for lunch and cook dinner every evening so that we know what we are eating.

Along the way, we have seen many tempting rocks for climbing. With our two little ones, however, we have not had a chance to lay a hand on the rock yet. Well, it is a family trip…

So far, we did not have much time to update our blog because we have less spare time than we had expected. We must leave the USA by the beginning of September because we did not apply for a Visa. We thought that the usual 90 days would restart after a trip to Canada, but that was changed about two years ago. The time pressure actually is good for our plan to get as far south as possible in our 15 months of traveling, therefore it is not too bad to have a limit. It means, though, that we are not able to stay for too long in one area. In the evening and the morning we talk lots with our campground neighbors, while we are driving the children need attention – therefore there is not much time to write and sort the photos. You will hear from us again after our visit to Yellowstone National Park.

3 Thoughts on “Experiences, part 2

  1. Rum Strömer on Monday July 15th, 2013 at 10:39 PM said:

    Hi mole,
    Ich nehme an, dass Ihr Calgary schon verlassen habt.
    weiterhin gute Fahrt.


    Rum Strömer, Calgary

  2. Oli Wegmann on Sunday July 14th, 2013 at 04:15 PM said:

    Hoi Zämä

    Ich finde eure Reiseberichte toll und spannend. Ich frage mich einfach immer wieder, wie ihr es feritgbringt mit dem doch sehr knapp bemessenen Raum umzugehen.

    Übrigens wünschen wir Max einen tollen Geburi und leckere Sachen zum essen (an Zucker scheint es ja nicht zu mangeln…)!

    Gruss aus Pany

    Oli und Familie

  3. Lieber Max, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

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