A Year on the Road – a special anniversary

Today marks one year on the road in our Bremach, and, with perfect timing, it gave us a very “special present”: damage in the bearing in the rear axle differential, which we fortunately noticed in time. So we are now sitting in a big repair garage in Huancayo waiting for the Bremach to be made drivable again. We are allowed to spend the night in the vehicle in the garage, which, thanks to internet connection and a live-broadcast of the soccer World Cup game with Germany (hurrah) was not all that bad. The new bearing has already been procured, and now only the differential has to be adjusted before we can set off again.

What else has happened after one whole year of rigorous material use on und off-road? In the last few days, we have had a number of small incidents: a broken cereal bowl, a shattered teacup, a lost battery cap due to an old, broken attachment, a fastening screw on the tank torn off, a burnt inverter, a broken washing-up basin, threadbare pants, overflowing storage cabinets in the Bremach, and, last but not least, a painful back. One year seems to be the life span for a lot of different things. Let’s hope that things will go well now and that the one-year-curse is over.

Meanwhile, we are all doing fine and looking forward to the coming weeks in Peru!

One Thought on “A Year on the Road – a special anniversary

  1. Liebe Grüße – viel Glück mit dem Verschleiß und eine weiter tolle Reise.
    Nos vemos Jens y Aura

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