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Rainy Season in Ecuador

After the loud night next to the fair in Riobamba, to the delight of the children, we ended up next to some carnival rides again the very next night, this time in Baños. This village is known for its hot springs, which we visited, of Read More

Around the Equator in Ecuador

Right after the border between Columbia and Ecuador, we left the Panamericana to drive along a secluded track through the Paramo, an area of high tropical vegetation in the northern Andes. Near the  nature reserve “El Angel“, there is extensive, dense growth of frailejones, unique Read More

The southern part of Columbia

Invigorated by all the coffee, we drove one long day towards the Tatacoa Desert. Due to the lack of a bridge and stern reminders at the tollgate not to drive at night in this area, we ended up spending the night on the parking lot Read More

Probably the Best Coffee in the World

In Salento, in the heart of the coffee zone, we relaxed for several days and recovered from the experiences of the last few weeks. It was a good time to sit out a few days of rain, and then we didn’t really want to drive Read More

The Emeralds of Rio Minero

In the middle of Columbia, on the western slope of the East Corderillas, there is the largest deposit of emeralds in the world. About half of all the emeralds traded world-wide come from this region, among them also the biggest and most precious stones. The Read More

Off we go!

After the relaxing days in San Gil, we set off for Villa de Leyva, reputed to be a village especially well worth seeing, with its little white cottages. It was actually lovely, but with a bit too much tourism for our taste. We did stay Read More

Adios Atlantico, hola montañas!

Due to the shipment time of the Bremach, we had a few days to take a look around in the old town of Cartagena: beautifully renovated old buildings, lots of plants in bloom, large city walls along the sea that can be walked on, and Read More

The Trip to Panama

“The Trip to Panama” (in German: “Oh how beautiful Panama is”) Who knows how many travel blogs have used the title of this popular children’s book by Janosch, but, before we get to Panama, here are some photos of our last few days in Costa Read More

Back and Forth through Costa Rica

As promised, here we are with our next report, this time from the Caribbean coast. We chose the long way to get here and traveled from the southern part of the Pacific coast northwards again through the inland. From sea level, we drove up steep Read More

Nicoya Peninsula

We had only barely arrived in Costa when we already found ourselves in the rain forest – high trees, birds chirping, and short, but heavy rain showers gave rise to the feeling of being right in the middle of the jungle. Since we had made Read More