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A unique time!

Alle Länder, die wir mit dem Bremach besucht haben

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Laguna Bacalar

We had great hopes for our stay at Laguna Bacalar, a fresh water lake with Caribbean-colored water, palms, and long piers, with white sand and camping directly next to the water. Instead, we had an unpleasantly wet surprise: brown-green water, muddy meadows, and flooded piers Read More

In the Footsteps of the Mayas

Palenque is a popular goal for groups of travelers, so we weren’t very surprised at the many souvenir stands, guidebooks for the site, and the number of tourists. The ruins are located wonderfully in the jungle, and you can climb up the big, high structures. Read More

The Mountainous Country of Chiapas

Since we had taken more time everyplace than planned, it took us longer that thought to arrive at San Cristobal de las Casas, the most interesting city in Chiapas. San Cristobal is located in a high valley at an altitude of more than 6,560 feet Read More

Beachtime in Zipolite and sightseeing in Tuxtla

Our time in Zipolite was wonderful. We stayed at a great sandy beach directly next to shady palm huts and jumped into the pleasantly warm water of the Pacific to cool off a bit whenever we wanted to. Zipolite is somewhat off the beaten track, Read More

Sierra, Sierra Ma-a-adre, Sierra, Sierra Madre Sur

Feeling refreshed from our time at the Laguna de Catemaco, we started off towards Oaxaca. We planned a day of driving for the first time in quite a while and wanted to get as close as possible to our goal. How good that we had Read More

On the unfamiliar Gulf Coast

After our mighty descent from Orizaba, we arrived at Veracruz on the Gulf Coast, a very big harbor city with correspondingly lively activity. Here, it is less the special architecture or great churches that attract attention. Veracruz is especially vibrant and animated – with loud Read More

Cordillera Neo-Volcánica

We spent two nights in Cholula, where we once again met nice fellow-travelers: Dominik and Omaira from Switzerland with their children Oriana and Damiana and also two older couples from Canada who are friends with one another. After a visit to the city of Puebla, Read More


After spending the past few weeks discovering so much about colonial culture, it was time for something else. What could be more fitting than the cultural heritage of the Incan times? The ruins of Teotihuacan are ideally suited for this. The gigantic Piramide del Sol Read More

Grutas Tolantongo

It is absolutely unbelievable what a swimming paradise nature has created here! Tolantongo has surpassed all the hot springs we have seen so far – and that is really saying something! In order to reach the hot springs, you have to drive down about 2,000 Read More