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A unique time!

Alle Länder, die wir mit dem Bremach besucht haben

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One day, two borders, three countries

One day, two borders, three countries Completely relaxed, we left the wonderful, sandy Salvadorian beach early in the morning and drove southwards along the Carretera Interamericana for the first time. We weren’t attracted to Honduras, but we weren’t able to avoid it on our way Read More

Sun, sand and more

On the beach of Zonte in El Salvador, we were finally able to really relax, tank up on sun, and forget the rainy weeks in Belize and Guatemala. We found an excellent spot with two pools, a roof terrace, hammocks all over, and a tame Read More

Welcome to El Salvador

The border crossing between Guatemala and El Salvador turned out to be surprisingly easy. We had chosen the small border crossing of Angiatu, which is off the beaten track of the large main routes and thus rather quiet. There was no long line, no stress, Read More