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Sierra, Sierra Ma-a-adre, Sierra, Sierra Madre Sur

Feeling refreshed from our time at the Laguna de Catemaco, we started off towards Oaxaca. We planned a day of driving for the first time in quite a while and wanted to get as close as possible to our goal. How good that we had Read More

On the unfamiliar Gulf Coast

After our mighty descent from Orizaba, we arrived at Veracruz on the Gulf Coast, a very big harbor city with correspondingly lively activity. Here, it is less the special architecture or great churches that attract attention. Veracruz is especially vibrant and animated – with loud Read More


After spending the past few weeks discovering so much about colonial culture, it was time for something else. What could be more fitting than the cultural heritage of the Incan times? The ruins of Teotihuacan are ideally suited for this. The gigantic Piramide del Sol Read More

Colonial Cities, Part 2

After 11 days with Robert, Lois and Audrey in San Luis Potosi, our Spanish had clearly improved, our Bremach had fresh oil, and the driving cabin was shining brightly thanks to its new paint job. And we had held our first talk about our trip Read More

Beneficial Exploitation of the Agave

As promised, our tours linked to the agave plant are now getting their own well-deserved report. We have even come to know about another use for the agave cactus in addition to making tequila from it, but more about this later. The little town of Read More

Costa Alegre

After a pretty long night on the ferry (loud, warm, and bright),we arrived in Mazatlan on a beautiful summer morning. Originally we had wanted to drive southwards right away, but first we helped Jimmy from Australia to find a new inner tubefor his motorcycle. We had met him on the way to Pichilingue when he Read More

Los Cabos – The Southern tip of Baja

After our days in La Ventana, the next thing on our agenda was driving around the southern tip of Baja – Los Cabos, known as a place of retreat and resort paradise for richAmericans. At first, we had planned to drive around the entireEast Cape since it is supposed to be especially beautiful. The first part of the stretch, however, turned out Read More

Heading south along serene beaches and across wild mountains

Shortly after we had reached Baja Sur, the southern part of the peninsula Baja California, we took a special detour to San Francisco de la Sierra. Long ago, the people living here far above the surrounding desert immortalized their impressions in cave paintings. Fortunately for Read More

North Baja – Cactus, Dream Beaches, and Uninhabited Regions

North Baja – Cactus, Dream Beaches, and Uninhabited Regions In Tijuana, a massive fence marks the border between the USA and its southern neighbor Mexico. Directly after crossing the border, we find ourselves in a different world: the streets are narrower, people walk along the Read More

On The Panamericana

After two days of sightseeing and shopping, we had enough of being in a big city (and this was one we had visited before) and left San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. This was the first time that we were actually driving along the Read More