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The Emeralds of Rio Minero

In the middle of Columbia, on the western slope of the East Corderillas, there is the largest deposit of emeralds in the world. About half of all the emeralds traded world-wide come from this region, among them also the biggest and most precious stones. The Read More

Shipping our vehicle from Panama to Columbia

We shipped our vehicle per RoRo from Colon (Puerto de Manzanillo) to Cartagena using the SC-Line shipping company. We didn’t use any help from agents, and all the following descriptions are based on our experiences in doing it by ourselves, so we don’t know if Read More

The Trip to Panama

“The Trip to Panama” (in German: “Oh how beautiful Panama is”) Who knows how many travel blogs have used the title of this popular children’s book by Janosch, but, before we get to Panama, here are some photos of our last few days in Costa Read More

Nicoya Peninsula

We had only barely arrived in Costa when we already found ourselves in the rain forest – high trees, birds chirping, and short, but heavy rain showers gave rise to the feeling of being right in the middle of the jungle. Since we had made Read More

One day, two borders, three countries

One day, two borders, three countries Completely relaxed, we left the wonderful, sandy Salvadorian beach early in the morning and drove southwards along the Carretera Interamericana for the first time. We weren’t attracted to Honduras, but we weren’t able to avoid it on our way Read More

Welcome to El Salvador

The border crossing between Guatemala and El Salvador turned out to be surprisingly easy. We had chosen the small border crossing of Angiatu, which is off the beaten track of the large main routes and thus rather quiet. There was no long line, no stress, Read More

Rio Dulce

Our location at “Bruno’s“ in Rio Dulce turned out to be an excellent one. Rio Dulce is considered the safest harbor in the Caribbean, and some boaters and sailors always met at the bar. Gradually, more “over-landers” also arrived, and we were able to exchange Read More

Laguna Bacalar

We had great hopes for our stay at Laguna Bacalar, a fresh water lake with Caribbean-colored water, palms, and long piers, with white sand and camping directly next to the water. Instead, we had an unpleasantly wet surprise: brown-green water, muddy meadows, and flooded piers Read More

The Mountainous Country of Chiapas

Since we had taken more time everyplace than planned, it took us longer that thought to arrive at San Cristobal de las Casas, the most interesting city in Chiapas. San Cristobal is located in a high valley at an altitude of more than 6,560 feet Read More

Beachtime in Zipolite and sightseeing in Tuxtla

Our time in Zipolite was wonderful. We stayed at a great sandy beach directly next to shady palm huts and jumped into the pleasantly warm water of the Pacific to cool off a bit whenever we wanted to. Zipolite is somewhat off the beaten track, Read More