On The Panamericana

After two days of sightseeing and shopping, we had enough of being in a big city (and this was one we had visited before) and left San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. This was the first time that we were actually driving along the classic Panamericana. Then we drove over several more bridges right away – there are so many in the Bay Area, one lovelier than the next, but none is as beautiful as the one special one. While we were in San Francisco, the final regatta of the Louis Vuitton Cup took place, and then the winning boat starts in the America’s Cup. We were lucky to be able to watch the tall racing boats sail by very closely.
Our way continued along Highway 1 to Big Sur, where we visited relatives and put up our feet for a few days. One very worthwhile trip was to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where gigantic aquariums several stories high show sea live from the local coast. We also saw lots of sea dwellers like tunas and hammerhead sharks. One unique highlight was seeing the many jelly fish with their incredible range of magnificent colors – we could have stood there looking at them for hours.
The drive southwards along the coast presents so many beautiful views. Unfortunately, there are so many places where the beach is inaccessible because the property along it is privately owned. South of Big Sur, however, we did find some great opportunities for a beach stop, but the water here is still very cold. In addition to lots of big birds, we discovered seals and a colony of elephant seals, the only such colony on the American mainland (usually the animals are found on islands). Further south, the famous Californian beach life begins, with one beach after the other between Prismo Beach and San Diego. This makes the search for overnight places more difficult because, the further south you get, the more expensive the camping sites, and possibilities to just spend the night someplace are rare.
In Los Angeles, we managed to fend for ourselves along the up to 9-lane highways (in each direction!) on the way to Anaheim and find a spot at the camping site directly next to Disneyland. This meant we were able to enjoy the spectacle of the evening fireworks und were already in the right mood for the next day, a whole day in a paradise for children with unbelievable great things. Carla rode in a rollercoaster for the first time and then got out and got right into the next one, Robert was happy riding the carousels, and, occasionally, we were also allowed to go on faster rides. The most exciting of these was Buzz Lightyear: my sunglasses flew off my head and fell down into it early in the morning, but we manage to get it back again later in a daring maneuver. Otherwise we would have had to wait until everything stops for the night. Since it was the last day of summer vacation for American pupils, we hardly ever had to wait in line and were amazed at the length of lines a lot of the rides are equipped to handle. After the long day, the children fell asleep right away, and we drove on to Tanja’s cousin’s place in San Diego. We felt so lucky to be able to spend the hottest days and nights so far there, with air-conditioning and a pool. Our Bremach spent time in a car-repair garage there for a general check-up before we head off for Mexico. This was a good thing because we now have new shock absorbers, and our leaking pressure hose for the power-steering system was also replaced. We were very lucky because the garage had a gifted mechanic who took such good care of our vehicle and gave us a very fair bill at the end.
After our final pleasant, relaxed days in the U.S., we have now arrived in Mexico and are curious about what awaits us here in this country we have heard to many good and bad things about. Right now, we are enjoying life in our hammock on the beach before we set off for the solitary deserts in Baja California.

Here is our picture gallery:

6 Thoughts on “On The Panamericana

  1. Hallo zäme. Wow, so viele schöne Bilder. Werde schon fast neidisch :-)
    Könnte ich das Passwort auch haben? Danke.

    Bis bald – ich lese weiterhin eure tollen Berichte.

    Liebe Grüsse

  2. Super Quallenbilder, hast du die selber gemacht?

    Gruss aus der Hängematte im Aargau, Oli

  3. hey steil, tanja, carla und robert!

    cooler stoff! hoff es läuft alles wie geplabt!

    sitz grad mit kraxl zusammen. morgen bissl biken :-) !

    viel spass weiterhin

    l, v/o m

  4. von Weissenfluh Dofi on Thursday September 5th, 2013 at 01:41 AM said:

    Hallo Max und Familie
    endlich Zeit mal bei euch reinzuschauen. ich hoffe bei euch alles gut. Im Hasli erleben wir einen schönen Spätsommer mit viel Sonne. Ich hoffe dass auch ihr gute Reisebedingungen erlebt auf eurem Trip. Ich wünsche euch sorgenfreie und erlebnisreiche Tage und verfolge gespannt eure Route und Berichte. Bis bald, alles Gute. Lieber Gruss Dofi

  5. Rolf und Kerstin Limbach on Wednesday September 4th, 2013 at 09:44 AM said:

    Hallo Max,
    wir verfolgen eure Reise. Gebt ihr uns den Code für die privaten Seiten?

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