Into the Rockies!

We had toured the Rockies for a few days without seeing the image put into our heads by magazines and advertisements. Then, on our way north through Montana, we enjoyed the views of high mountains on the horizon so much that we decided to take a short trip into the Lewis and Clark National Forest, which borders on the Bob Marshall Wilderness, known to be one of the wildest areas in the USA. We thought we might catch a glimpse of something wild while hiking, but all we saw was lots of horseback riders on their way to penetrate the wilderness a lot deeper than we could manage on foot. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful campsite right next to the Gibson Reservoir and, for the first time, saw the endless forests and high mountains of the Rockies.

A few days later, we arrived in Glacier National Park and did a terrific hike to a summit called Scenic Point in Two Medicine Valley. Robert and Carla enjoyed our carrying service, but climbed the last meters to the summit on their own. We had a fantastic view over the prairie in the East and the mountains in the West. These were the Rocky Mountains as we had expected them! In Glacier National Park, we took several short hikes every day to enjoy this extraordinary beauty of nature. We saw a few animals and, somehow, could feel the presence of bears and pumas. We did not see any, but heard enough stories about encounters with them to be satisfied. Maybe the animals were hiding from the mass of people – this was by far the most crowded National Park we visited.

We thought Glacier NP had got its name from the many glaciers there. And there really are a lot, but they are small and well hidden. The name actually originates from the valleys carved out by glaciers during the last Ice Age.

Meanwhile, we have adjusted well to our nonexistent shower in the Bremach: there are so many clear rivers and lakes along the way and, although they are rather cold, bathing in them feels so good. On some days, we even jump in several times, and the kids always are reluctant to stop playing in the water.

After spending a few days in the mountains, we were able to visit one of Tanja’s relatives again. Ralph lives in Whitefish and took us and his daughter out onto the lake in his motorboat. All of us went tubing (really wildly) and Carla even dared to go on the tube all by herself (not as wildly, of course). Since we loved Glacier so much, we spontaneously decided to head north into Canada to see Banff and Lake Louise.

One Thought on “Into the Rockies!

  1. Ein neuer Bericht, da freuen wir uns! Eine Rss Aktualisierung ist schon fein..
    Ist euch die Solardusche eigentlich zu kalt?
    Viele Grüße von Wangerooge
    Marlene, Larissa und Christoph

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